Lowe's Seasonal Toolworld in Fernley, Nevada

Job Description:

b Title: Customer Service Associate- Sales Floor Job Code: SH0011-SH0014, SH0019, SH9999, SH8888 Department: Sales Floor, Admin Office, Internet Fulfillment (CSA V to Sales Floor Only)

Effective Date: 1/27/2018 Page 2 of 4

Job Description

Essential Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities (Continued)

Relating Skills: Interpersonal Skills; Listening; Sociability; Teamwork

Safety Orientation: Equipment and Tool Safety; Safety Orientation

Sales/Selling Orientation: Lowe's Credit Programs; Lowe's Sales Programs

Key Responsibilities

  • Provides customer service at all times through the daily execution of (and not limited to) the customer greeting, phone answering, price guarantee and special order, and Installed Sales and Delivery programs.

  • Follows IMPACT model of customer service by initiating, making assessment, providing assistance, adding on sales, closing sales, and thanking the customer.

  • Assists customers as needed in locating, demonstrating, selecting, carrying, and/or loading merchandise.

  • Responds knowledgeably and promptly to all customer and employee questions by taking them to areas of the store and walking them through projects when necessary.

  • Detects common signs of shoplifting, theft, and other security risks, and promptly communicates them to management and/or Loss Prevention.

  • Ensures good housekeeping standards are in place, and programs, such as Area Recovery, are executed daily to guarantee that the store (including work areas) is clean and organized at all times.

  • Complies with all safety procedures, makes note of any safety hazards, and completes daily safety hazmat review (DSHR).

  • Notifies Manager/Manager on Duty (MOD) of customer complaints, dissatisfaction, and procedure violations.

  • Promotes and offers customer loyalty programs (e.g., MyLowes).

  • Responds to code 50's, call buttons, departmental pages, or requests for assistance.

  • Down stocks merchandise by looking for empty areas on shelves and replenishing supplies.

  • Uses Kronos to look up schedule and log PTO (Paid Time Off) requests.

  • Uses Genesis to prioritize loads, print pricing labels, and to look up items or item numbers for price and inventory information.

  • Promotes and offers customers extended protection plans and replacement plans on any qualifying products.

  • Verifies description and price as merchandise is scanned.

  • Provides prompt support to all checkout functions.

  • Generates leads for Project Specialist Interior and Exterior (PSI and PSE) programs by actively engaging customers.

  • Observes and validates items being carried in and out of the store by checking receipts and load tickets.

  • Prepares merchandise in department of responsibility based on customer requirements/specifications (e.g., tints and mixes paint, cuts and threads pipe, cuts and bundles wood, cuts drywall, cuts blinds).

  • Writes down customer information and date of pick up and attaches the information to orders.

  • Admin office processes customer credit card payments and applications, mails invoices, and investigates and resolves credit disputes with customers.

  • Admin office creates, manages, and updates reports (A/R Payment Detail Retrieval, Expense Payables Invoice Advisory, Outstanding Return Checks, and Temporary Accounts).

Physical Requirements

Lifting: Lifts up to 25 pounds without assistance; may lift up to 40 pounds with or without assistance.

Agility: The ability to bend, stretch, twist, or reach out with the body, arms, or legs to perform job tasks. This includes the ability to move throughout all areas of the store (e.g., sales floor, receiving, register areas, lawn and garden), Lowe's property surrounding the store, or additional work areas. Job Title: Customer Service Associate- Sales Floor Job Code: SH0011-SH0014, SH0019, SH9999, SH8888 Department: Sales Floor, Admin Office, Internet Fulfillment (CSA V to Sales Floor Only)

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Job Description

Physical Requirements (Continued)

Climbing: The ability to climb, work, and carry items up and down ladders.

Hand-Eye Coordination: The ability to coordinate one's eyes with one's fingers, wrists, or arms to move, carry, or manipulate objects or to

perform other job-related tasks.

Manual Dexterity: The ability to make quick, accurate, skillful, coordinated movements of one hand, one hand in coordination with its

arm, or two hands to grasp, place, move, or assemble objects.

Physical Strength: The ability to lift, push, pull, or carry objects using hands, arms, back, abdominal muscles, shoulders, legs, or a

combination of these muscle groups.

Proper Lifting Techniques: The ability to properly lift heavy objects or equipment. This includes the knowledge of correct bending and

lifting techniques as needed to properly position and use one's hands, feet, legs, arms, and back to lift objects or equipment, and to push,

pull, and carry heavy objects.

Protective Equipment: The ability to wear all necessary personal protective equipment to perform job functions.

Safety Harness: The ability to wear the safety harness to perform job functions.

Stamina: The ability to exert oneself physically over long periods of time. This may include performing repetitive or strenuous tasks as well

as standing and sitting for long periods.

Visual Acuity: The ability to see details (e.g., letters, numbers, codes, color, symbols, marks, labels, signs, video displays including iPads)

clearly to accomplish work tasks in a safe and efficient manner.

Work Conditions: The ability to perform job activities, with appropriate intermittent relief where applicable, under difficult work

conditions such as in extreme cold, heat, inclement weather, at heights, while exposed to constant/intermittent sounds.

Job ID: 1375378BR

Line of Business: Store

Job Category: Retail Associate

Department: 0111 - Tool World

Employment Type I: Temporary

Employment Type II: Full-Time

Location #: 2661

Location Name: Fernley, NV

City: Fernley

State: NV

EEO Statement:

Lowe’s is an equal opportunity employer and administers all personnel practices without regard to race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, marital status, veteran status, genetics or any other category protected under applicable law.